Off-site / A Restless Geometry


24th October – 30th October / East Street Arts, Union 105, 105 Chapeltown, Leeds LS7 3HY

The International 3 is pleased to announce that we have been invited to curate an exhibition from the East Street Art’s membership that will open during the East Street Arts Open Studios events in October. The exhibition will take place at Union 105 from 24th October – 30th October. Please use the following links for more information on location and opening times. and


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  • A Restless Geometry installation image

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  • Fiona Grady, Transcendental Light, 2014

    Handmade egg tempera paint on wall Dimensions vary

  • Fiona Grady, Panes of Light, 2014

    Handmade egg tempera on wall Dimensions vary

  • Fiona Grady, Illumination II, 2013

    Handmade egg tempera on wall Dimensions vary. Site-specific wall drawing for Leap into the Void Arts (Synesthesia)

  • Eleni Odysseos, Spinning Torus

    160 x 120, Oil on Canvas, 2014

  • Eleni Odysseos, Cutting Mat

    Oil on Canvas, 180 x 135, 2014

  • Eleni Odysseos

    Woon Prize Shortlist, Installation, 2014

A Restless Geometry brings together the work of Fiona Grady and Eleni Odysseos whose practice is underscored by the exploration and application of geometric principles within both the physical and digital arena. Fiona Grady’s site-specific wall drawings seek out spaces to inhabit. Using systems of dispersing geometric shapes they respond to the specifics of the permanent architecture within which they are located as well as to temporary conditions such as changes in the quantity and quality of light. Sometimes permanent, sometimes temporary Fiona Grady creates elegant interventions that subtly draw attention to the physical spaces we occupy and to the passing of time. For Eleni Odysseos, it is imagined architecture and the exploration of their digital and virtual worlds that drive her investigations. Working across animation, collage, drawing, painting and installation her practice finds consistency through an ongoing application of a saturated colour palette and the repeated use of systems of geometric shapes to create dynamic and multi-layered works.  Sliding off the canvas, onto screens and into the space they inhabit, Eleni Odysseos’s practice explores the relationship between and the convergence of the physical and digital world.

Fiona Grady was born in Leeds, UK in 1984. She studied BA Fine Art at the University of Wales In Cardiff (UWIC) in 2004-2007 before completing as Masters degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) in 2011.  She has been short listed for several printmaking prizes including Neo-print Prize 2014, Bainbridge Open 2012 and Clifford Chance’s Survey of MA printmaking 2011.  In 2012 she was invited to create an artwork for Deptford Rail Station’s concourse and most recently was commissioned to make a wall drawing in Leeds Town Hall, as part of Light Night 2013. This year, she held her first solo exhibition ‘Fields of Light’ at the Barbican Arts Trust in London. Her work is owned in private and public collections including Paul Smith Ltd. She lives and works in London.

Eleni Odysseos was born in Ammochostos, Cyprus in 1991. She studied BA Fine Art at the University of Leeds 2011-2014 after completing her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL) 2011. She has been shortlisted for several art prizes including the Woon Foundation for Painting and Sculpture Art Prize 2014 and the FUAM Prize 2014. In 2014 she exhibited in Nicosia amongst other renowned Cypriot artists as part of the Lush Art in Austere Times annual exhibition. Her paintings will be exhibited at Laidlaw Library, opening in 2015 at the University of Leeds, and BIG Gallery in Dortmund in November 2014. This coming December she will have her first solo show at Is Not Gallery in Nicosia, Cyprus She lives and works in Berlin.

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