The International 3 is an exhibition and project space in Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K. With emerging and established artists, independent curators, galleries and organisations we produce a year round programme of new commissions, solo shows, group exhibitions and events both on and off-site. The International 3 also works with a core group of artists, exhibiting and selling their work at national and international art-fairs; brokering exhibition and private commission opportunities. In addition, The International 3 undertakes a range of consultancy projects and delivers talks and presentations in a variety of settings. In 2009, The International 3 was appointed ongoing curatorial coordinator for The Manchester Contemporary an annual art-fair in Manchester. We are also an invited member of New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)

The International 3 is a not for profit company run by directors Paulette Terry Brien and Laurence Lane. The International 3 is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No: 6256960.


The International 3 is not for profit and receives project funding from Arts Council England and has received project specific funding from Trusts & Foundations. We are also supported by a core group of individual Patrons.

OUR PATRONS 2013-2015

Since 2013, The International 3 has been developing relationships with a core group of individual Patrons. From 2013-3015 these Patrons included Robert Devereux, Dr. Sezgin Ismail, Jo & Allan Melzack, Bob & Hazel Miller, Martyn & Valerie Torevell.Artist Patron: Rachel Goodyear (and those that wish to remain anonymous). The generous support of our Patrons combined with Arts Council England’s Catalyst match funding enabled The International 3 to undertake a programme of ambitious activity including our relocation to new premises in 2014, a series of significant solo exhibition opportunities for emerging artists and our participation in international contemporary art fairs. As a direct result of this activity we were able to advance the practice and the careers of the artists that we worked with, provide audiences with a range of opportunities to engage with world class contemporary art, obtain national and international press coverage for our projects, generate income for artists through sales and place their work in a number of public and private collections including Whitworth Art Gallery, Arts Council Collection, Inflexion Private Equity.

OUR PATRONS 2015 -2016

From 1st June 2015 onwards, our relationships with our initial individual Patrons listed above will continue alongside an expanded group who will not only support the artistic activity of The International 3, but will also support a new pilot Collector Development Programme that has been devised and is being delivered in partnership with freelance consultant Mark Doyle. More information about this new pilot project with Mark Doyle can be found here

We would like to thank our Patrons for their generous support. Our Patrons include:

2015-2016 Founder Patrons: Jo & Allan Melzack, Martyn & Valerie Torevell

2015-2016 Project Patrons Plus: Bob & Hazel Miller, Palis Advisory GmbH, Robert Devereux, Sezgin Ismail, Elkan Abrahamson & Catherine Flynn, Wayne Warren, Chris Klingenberg, Culture Warrington & Derek Dick, Bill Campbell

2015-2016 Project Patrons: Leila Alexander, Mark Robbins, Claire Louise Brown, Ian Stenton, Kate Lucy, Sarah Nichols, Val Young, Trevor Attwood, Peter Kanning, Bob Lee & Tim Easthop (The Collective), Dr.Tony Bingham, Richard Ward & Carol Bushell, Joseph Downey, Alan Ward & Linda Dunn(Axis Graphic Design),Hisae Inami, Dr Adrian and Mrs Lynne Lamb, Mary & Terry Lane, Janette Ray, York, Gaelle Merlin, Emma Anderson, Thom Hetherington and Sophie Helm, John Williams, Michael Grindrod, Pavel Buchler, Jonty Wilde (Director Jonty Wilde Photography Ltd.), Ben Caldwell

OUR PATRONS – 2016-2017

Founder Patrons:  Jo & Allan Melzack, Martyn & Valerie Torevell, Ben Caldwell.

Gallery Patrons: Bob & Hazel Miller, Chris Klingenberg, Elkan Abrahamson & Catherine Flynn, Ian & Karen Allison, Robert Devereux,

Programme Patrons: Val Young, Trevor Attwood, Sarah Nichols,Richard Ward & Carol Bushell, Mark Robbins,Joseph Downey, James Mycock, Dr.Tony Bingham, John Williams……

….and all those that wish to remain anonymous

(The International 3 sign by Bob & Roberta Smith, 2004)