Special Project: Ben Gwilliam | skʌlptɪŋ wɪð taɪm


Friday 8th September 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition Continues

Saturday 9th September 12pm - 5pm

The International 3 is pleased to announce a special one-off project by Ben Gwilliam. Ben will be using The International 3 to present the outcome of recent explorations that are taking place as part of his P.h.D research titled, ‘non recorded materiality: of sound medias and reduced perceptions of time’.

skʌlptɪŋ wɪð taɪm – will be available to view for one day only (Sat 9th Sept 12pm – 5pm), with a Private View on Friday 8th September from 6pm-8pm).

The project is kindly funded and supported by Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU), Oxford Brookes.

BEN GWILLIAM – skʌlptɪŋ wɪð taɪm

What is often perceived as the unveiling of time through recorded media, is something which can be considered as situating real time (that is the performance of recorded time in real time). The playback of previously recorded time through materials such in film, video and audio is therefore positioned and reconsidered through re-perception. An exactitude of time in performance creates new space.

For this Installation Ben presents two works that have formed out of his research into the materialism of recorded media as reduced perceptions of time: Firstly, a Vinyl record made from repeated recording processes, an attempt exacting time on each recording that unveils recording space. Secondly, a wall work of actuating paper rendered audible through electromagnetic means, transduced from audio to the acoustic. Conversely, both works interact on a human scale where duration and the moment of performance are made explicit to the source of sound.

The title references Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1986 book of a similar name ‘Sculpting in Time’, itself considered as a cornerstone text on perspectives of film making and cinematic practice. Itself translated from Cyrillic Russian to English as a text and then ‘googled’ into the English phonetic alphabet. To verbalise without prior experience exacts tactility of the pronunciation over the meaning. Instead of sculpting in time or even ‘with’ time, the work ruminates on both the materialism and exactitude of recorded time in real time, that conversely succumbs to its own physics.

This Installation is part of Ben Gwilliam’s P.h.D. Research titled ‘non recorded materiality: of sound medias and reduced perceptions of time’ that he is currently completing at Oxford Brookes University.

Kindly Funded and supported by Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU), Oxford Brookes.

Ben Gwilliam (1980) is an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance. His work explores how the mechanics of sound media reflect & distort human perception, often manipulating the space(s) & moment of experience. His fascination drives a curiosity that forms as durational performances and installations, film & video works and writing.

He has exhibited & performed Internationally in spaces such as La casa Encendida Madrid, The Cornerhouse Manchester, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, Modern Art Oxford, & FACT Liverpool. His performance and composed works have been commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival (UK 2010), Rumilingen new music (CH 2010), University of Salford (UK 2008) & IOU Theatre (UK 2003)

He is currently a P.h.D candidate in SARU at Oxford Brookes.