Institution | Outstitution

EXTENDED to 19th February (see below for revised opening times)

16th Dec – 29th January 2016 (Open Weds – Fri 12pm – 5pm)

30th Jan – 19th Feb  (Open Thurs and Fri 12pm – 5pm)



Meg Brain, Christopher Paul Curry, Louise Giovanelli, Aitor Gonzalez, Olivia Hodder, Jordan Alex Smith, Amy Stevenson.

PREVIEW: Friday 11th December 6pm – 8pm                                                                   

Exhibition Continues: 16th December – 29th January 2016
Exhibition Open: Weds-Fri /12pm – 5pm (other times by appointment) **
**(Closed 19th December 2015 – 6th January 2016 inclusive)

For our final exhibition of 2015 The International 3 presents a curated selection of work by recent graduates. Identified by The International 3’s co-directors Paulette Terry Brien and Laurence Lane during research trips to Fine Art degree shows throughout May and June 2015, Institution |
Outstitution offers a snapshot of the formal and conceptual considerations of a group of newly emerging artists.

Taking Jordan Alex Smith’s drawing (see below) as its starting point, the title of the exhibition describes the transitional nature of the context in which the participants find themselves as they move from student to practitioner; from operating in to outside of an educational framework. The work in the exhibition mirrors this journey comprising that which is newly made for this opportunity alongside degree show work recontextualised by the specific setting of this exhibition and this gallery.

Since its inception, The International 3 has been committed to offering early career stage opportunities to emerging artists. Institution | Outstitution follows as the third in a sequence of recent exhibitions dedicated specifically to profiling the work of recent graduates preceded by the group shows, As Far As We Got | So Far So Good (2012) and How It All Worked Out (2010). Previous participants of these former exhibitions have gone on to exhibit regionally, nationally and internationally, have been shortlisted for and won prizes and awards and have gone on to post-graduate study at organisations such as The Royal Academy Schools, Chelsea College of Art and The Slade amongst others. Institution | Outstitution aims therefore to play its part in the  support and advocacy of this most recent 2015 cohort.

Meg Brain’s work sets up situations that attempt to disrupt our experience of time. Looped sequences of a non-narrative nature often include minimal and delicate movements. Recordings are projected within installations that can employ a combination of given architectural fixtures, modified structures and sculptural forms. Contradictions arise between flat pattern and the illusionistic depth of recorded video. Perspectives are disrupted, creating gently transformative experiences for the viewer. Recent exhibitions (all 2015) include: Common Bodies at East Street Arts, Leeds, Like It or Lump It at Enjoy Project Space, Leeds, GIN5 – 6GINS at The Royal Standard, Liverpool. Meg graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2015.

Christopher Paul Currys current investigations include exploring scientific theory based around gravity and quantum mechanics. As an artist he is trying to understand some of the most fascinatingly complex things in existence, creating intentionally anti-visual and illogical art based around fact and theory. His recent activity includes volunteering at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. Christopher graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015.

Louise Giovanelli is primarily concerned with exploiting two opposing modes of painting, the static contemplative character resulting from animated, fluid decision making. Her practice has evolved from an association and affection for the way objects relate physically to the body – exploring connotations and how they might generate a condition approaching the psychological. This is developed through a deepening relationship to the history of painting. Her recent work addresses painterly allegory – critiquing the context of the original whilst questioning our ability to recognise a personalised belief. Louise’s recent exhibitions include, Saatchiart Showdown Final at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, Is Kunst Ism at Federation House, Manchester and Tumbling Die, Holden Gallery Manchester. In 2015 Louise gained second place in Saatchi Showdown, was awarded The Leonard James Little Fine Art Prize, The Manchester Academy of Fine Art Award and The Ken Billany Painting Prize.  Louise was listed as One to Watch by Saatchiart magazine, and listed in Double Negative’s, Class of 2015: The North-Wests Top Fine Art Graduates Revealed. Louise graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015.

Aitor Gonzalez. In his practice he develops sculptures in which he introduces materials from everyday life, such as foam padding, sponge and air pillow cushions. In these pieces, he makes an attempt to explore the material properties of the elements he uses, as well as their sculptural possibilities. The aim of this is to move these found objects away from their common usage, while he tries to inscribe them into an abstract aesthetic. Aitor’s most recent exhibitions include How we Quit the Forest at Sala Lametro (Valencia), Alart at Casal Son Tugores (Mallorca), Twice as nice #1 at Enjoy Space (Leeds) and ArtNit Campos (Mallorca). Aitor was awarded The Passey prize in 2015. He graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at University of Leeds in 2015.

Olivia Hodder. Retranslating ‘cut out’ drawings of separated forms as well as found objects, Olivia explores the boundaries of deliberate chance through stacked and suspended sculpture. Using industrial materials that require physical exertion on a human scale, she develops an awareness of the figurative aspects within the forms that seemingly rely on each other for necessary support. She is interested in the fragility that each sculpture holds, and its inability to ever be duplicated. She attempts to reconsider the materiality of the form and the saturation of modern everyday industrialised colour. Olivia’s recent activity includes artwork design for the band Marsican’s recent 7” vinyl and Bring Back the Mullet exhibition at Yard 75 in York. Olivia graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art, York St John University in 2015.  

Jordan Alex Smith’s work and ideas are an observation, occupying ideas of logic within contemporary culture; capitalism, the institution and freewill within an abstract sphere of information, cut and paste and notification. His work undermines and intends to intervene. In 2015 Jordan was selected by Chris Dercon (Director of Tate Gallery), Jeremy Deller and Bob and Roberta Smith for ‘VOTE ART’ a campaign urging people to vote. He was also the winner of the 2015 Leonard James Little Fine Art Prize. Jordan was listed in The Independent’s ‘Ones to Watch’ in April 2015 and was a featured artist in The Skinny in November 2015. His recent exhibitions include ‘IDEAOLOGY‘, (as part of) ‘DEPTFORD X’, Curated by Caroline Underwood, London Velo, Deptford, South London and  ‘DEAD FUNNY‘, Curated by Ian Irvine, Jason Simpson and Aaron Rawcliffe, Neo Gallery, Bolton. Jordan graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015.

Amy Stevenson’s interests are underpinned by a fixation with the coexistence of the natural and manmade. Currently her practice explores fickle consumerist attitudes along with the manipulation and simulation of the natural world. Through multimedia sculptural forms/installations she offers spaces for the imagination to enter, in which ideas of the hyper-real, ‘constructed nature’, and how mankind situates itself within the environment are presented. Amy’s recent activity includes traveling to Venice to assist with Creative Time Summit ‘special project’, PRESS ROOM, receiving a Jerwood Creative Bursary and joining the curatorial department at The Hepworth Wakefield. Amy has a studio at Islington Mill. Amy graduated from BA (Hons) Visual Art at University of Salford in 2015.


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  • Jordan Alex Smith, courtesy the artist and The International 3

  • Institution | Outstitution installation image (LtoR Olivia Hodder, Aitor Gonzalez)

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