NICOLA DALE | Nov 17th 4pm – 8pm


Friday 17th Nov, 4pm – 8pm



Thinking in one language to speak in another

Fragments as images as shapes as words as sounds

Auto alphabet

Plaster grammar


Image and text travelling at the same speed

But not to the same destination

Dry eyes, dusty ears

No-one to teach

Am I talking to myself


Following two weeks of experimentation in the gallery, Nicola Dale will present new sculpture and sound work. The work forms an alphabet of sorts: shapes and signs culled from moments in art history and recreated in plaster – with an accompanying recorded spoken work considering what this “language” might sound like. (These new pieces have also provided part of the setting for a film made in collaboration with Matylda Wierietielny, to be presented in 2018.)

“Am I Talking To Myself” is part of  “The Things That Look Back” (Summer 2017- Spring 2018) – a performance, sculpture and film project exploring the parallels between this digital era and the fragmentary ways in which we record and share the past (supported by Arts Council England, The Portico Library and The University of Manchester).

Nicola Dale works with sculpture, performance and image to explore what knowledge is and how it changes. She has recently performed at Turner Contemporary, Margate and MOSTYN, Wales and undertaken residencies with Standpoint/Chisenhale Studios, London and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, USA. Nicola lives and works in Stockport. www.nicoladale.com


  • Nicola Dale, Am I Talking To Myself

  • Nicola Dale, Am I Talking to Myself

  • Nicola Dale Am I Talking to Myself

  • Nicola Dale, Am I Talking to Myself